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Workflows are a series of serverless functions. Workflows can be set up to run on a schedule, or run every time specific events are received.

A workflow consists of a series of serverless functions ("actions") that are called each time the workflows run. Actions can be your own code or you can use our library of builtins.

Workflows power your custom logic within Inngest. They unlock the power of automating anything you need, either in response to events or on a schedule.

What is a workflow?

A workflow is a series of actions which are triggered each time the workflow runs. Workflows can be triggered via two methods:

  1. In response to events ("event workflows"): each time an event is received, the workflow runs
  2. On a specific schedule ("scheduled workflows"): for example, every 15 minutes, or every day at 3AM.

Importantly, workflows are defined as code. You can write code to define a workflow, or you can use our low code UI to write and customize your workflow.

Sneak peak: actions

An action is serverless code that runs within a workflow. We have our own library of builtin actions (eg. for sending slack messages, sending emails, waiting for some amount of time) or you can run your own code - any code, any language - as an action.