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Setting up

Want to get started doing serverless right? Looking to own and manage your event driven systems? This guide walks you through getting started with Inngest in minutes.

Create an account

You can create an account for free. This will let you connect your event sources, run real-time workflows in response to events, and run scheduled workflows.

The platform

The platform allows you to build and test workflows using code and a graph editor. It also allows you to receive events from our partner integrations with zero development.

There are several main components to the platform:

  1. Workflows, to list, manage, build, deploy, and debug all of your workflows (using an editor or code)
  2. Events, to see all of the events in your account
  3. Integrations, to connect with other services using our parnter integrations. These can both send you events automatically and provide actions for automating the service in a workflow

Read our guide on creating a workflow to get started.


The CLI allows you to manage your Inngest account without a browser. You can deploy workflows idempotently (for CI/CD), create and deploy new serverless actions that run in workflows, and manage your entire account.

Install the CLI

Install inngestctl: run curl -sfL | sh to download the inngestctl binary into your current directory. Or, if you'd prefer to do it yourself, download a binary here: Move this into your $PATH so that it can be referenced by any shell.

Log in

Run inngestctl login to log in to your account.

Manage your workflows

Run inngestctl workflows list --all to list all workflows in your current workspace (by default, workflows list without --all shows live workflows).

Run inngestctl workflows new to generate a scaffold for a new workflow:

// For documentation on workflow configuration, visit
package main

import (

workflow: workflows.#Workflow & {
id: "order-workflow"
name: "New order workflow"
triggers: [{
event: ""
actions: []
edges: []

For full documentation on our workflows, read our guide to workflows.

Manage your actions

Run inngestctl actions list to list all of your own serverless actions within your account.

Run inngestctl acitons new to generate a scaffold for a new action.

// For documentation on action configuration, visit
package main

import (

action: actions.#Action
action: {
dsn: "walter-witz-ed821fc/custom-cancel-order-api"
name: "Custom order cancellation API"
version: {
major: 1
minor: 1
workflowMetadata: {}
response: {}
runtime: {
image: "my-docker-image/cancel-order:latest"
type: "docker"