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An action is a serverless function that runs within a workflow. You can write your own actions in any language, or use our built in actions from our library.

Builtin actions

We have built in actions to simplify integrations that are commonly used. For example, you may want to send a slack message, an email, or a text message. By leveraging our existing library, you get this functionality instantly - without having to spend engineering time re-implenenting APIs.

Some of the built in actions include:

  • Waiting for a period of time, or until a specific time and date.
  • Coordinating between multiple events
  • Sending emails
  • Sending slack messages
  • Running arbitrary Javascript

These, and more, are available out-of-the box with zero code required.


Some actions come from enabling integrations within your account. Let's take Slack, for example. Once you've integrated Slack into your account you can use our built-in actions to send slack messages - no code required.

Custom code

You can also write your own actions using any programming language. This grants you maximum flexibility by doing whatever you need within your workflows.

You can run any code as an action, in any language. Find a walkthrough here.


In order to do, well, most things in your workflow you'll need to provide secrets to your actions. For example, you might want to store an API key in order to integrate with your own service.

You can do this by adding secrets to the vault, in "Settings" > "Vault". Some integrations automatically add secrets to your vault.